Prom Planning

The Prom Crashers help you make and stick to your plan for your Prom DJ, Prom Photo Booth, Prom Band, Prom Drapery, Curtains, and Backdrops, and your Prom Audio, Video, and Lighting.


Your prom dj

You’ve been to other dances but nothing compares to prom night and your music has to be right! Our Prom DJs service includes a professional sound system, a wide variety of music, an on-line dance planner, and an on-line request list . To get started click “Check Availability” make sure one of our DJs is available for your date.


Your Prom Photo Booth

Rather than just taking photos of 2 or 3 in an enclose box, our Photo Booth has the ability to capture entire groups! We can instantly print your photos and share on social networks instantly.


Your prom Band

A live prom band creates the energy and authenticity that your school will remember for a lifetime. Energize any crowd and get them dancing with our prom band partners. We take the guesswork out of choosing a prom band. Contact us below to get started.


Your Prom Drapery

Whether your prom is held in your school gym or a fancy local ballroom, drapery, curtains, and background wills give your space an elegant and sophisticated look and feel. Transform your space into something you can all be proud of with our prom drapery service.


Your prom Audio and Video

Don’t need a DJ or a band but still ned audio and video help? The technical expertise needed to provide audio and video for your prom’s needs is hard to find. It’s a good thing we’re here to help! We can provide the right mix of audio and video services to meet almost any situation. 




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